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"WOW!!! What a night. You all are amazing! I've hosted and been to many functions and you are a hidden jewel secret in the Lehigh Valley. I can tell you that so many of us last night had the best time and commented non-stop about your talent and stage presence. I am a tough critic. I had the best time dancing the whole night."

"I think you knocked it out of the park last night! Your singer is such a complement to the band, she's fabulous. All of you are amazing together and it seems that you truly had fun."

"You guys were the best...the way you interacted with everyone and got them into it was awesome...best wedding I was at in 20 years!"


"I have been to many, many functions and weddings over the years, but this band is the absolute best! They played fantastic music, of several different genres, their enthusiasm and energy just rocked!!"

"Toolshed Jack was absolutely AWESOME!!! Everyone enjoyed the performance and was asking where we found you...they were very impressed! So glad you made time in your busy schedule to be a part of our wedding celebration! Thanks so much :)"

"If you are having a wedding, or any function with music and are thinking about having a live band, do not hesitate!! I repeat-do NOT hesitate, this talented and wonderful band knows how to entertain and you will have the best time and more fun than you ever imagined! "