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The 2022 + version of Toolshed Jack continues the legacy of great female singers....After seven years with our great singer, Maggie on vocals, and another 1 year with our great friend, Cat, and 2 more with the talented Juliana, we continue with lead femme fatale by the name of Michayla as a very welcomed breath of fresh air! Continuing the pursuit of spreading joy and good times, Toolshed Jack is focusing on the production of a high quality show, with high energy and great musicianship. Our main genre of choice is uptempo, well-known pop, rock, disco, funk.  Venues include casinos, block parties, festivals, weddings, corporate events.  Follow us and spread the's gonna be a great 2022 +! Read More...

Michayla is the newcomer to the party...a very well established singer in her own acoustic duo, she brings a fire and a great energy to the band.  She's got the look but more importantly, she's got a voice that is perfectly suited to keep TSJ at the top of our game.  Squeak is a veteran of the circuit having played with national and local acts on drums for years.  He is a regular fill in with great acts in eastern PA as well as being the drummer for his own band, Sapphire.  Steveo is the reason people dance at our shows...holding down the low end on bass as well as providing a high energy stage presence for TSJ.  Another veteran member of many eastern PA bands over the years.  Brian Todd is a former member of the PSU Blue Band and brings his talent on trumpet and keys to the band.  Thankfully for us, he is also a very strict connoisseur of the art of vocal harmony.  Joel is our lead guitarist and is the founding member of the operation.  Joel is lucky enough to have played in this band and this band only for many years.  Toolshed Jack also has the option of adding a horn section to our show for certain events.

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